Back Pain Changes Richmond Spinal Movement

Ask any Richmond back pain sufferer, and s/he will agree: back pain affects movement. Sitting down takes more time. Standing up is slower. Bending over takes lots of thought…or prompts total avoidance. Johnson Chiropractic knows back pain changes movements. Researchers keep studying just how and how much it changes movement. With chiropractic care, your Richmond chiropractor aims to help you regain the ease of movement you had before you had back pain.


Back pain patients move atypically. They often change the way they move to avoid pain. They will walk differently. They turn around differently. Their spinal kinematics – motions – are unusual. A new study analyzed over 800 papers on the subject of altered kinematics. The authors concluded that restricted lumbar spinal mobility in all planes caused by low back pain was statistically significant. (1) Another study found that the type of spinal disorder a patient affected the biomechanics of the sit-to-stand movement. Patients with spinal deformity-related back pain demonstrated greater differences in an array of biomechanical motions (like hip, spine, and knee torque) weighed against patients with non-specific low back pain. (2) Figuring out just how much spinal kinematics are affected by back pain is the job your Richmond chiropractor enjoys most.


When healthcare providers like your Richmond chiropractor analyze new low back pain patients, tests like sit-to-stand that assess our new patients’ ability to carry out motions demanded by activities of daily living are valuable. Patients with low back pain show considerably altered kinematics, motions, of the spine. (3) Patients with low back pain showed motion changes in the lumbar spine, hip and trunk. (4) Chronic non-specific low back pain sufferers showed altered motor adaptability while doing various repetitive functional tasks like flexion, extension, lifting, walking, sit-to-stand-to-sit motions. (5) The chiropractic spinal examination at Johnson Chiropractic is systematic to document the extent to which low back pain is impeding your daily activities in order to return you to your activities of daily living with the least possible trouble.

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Make your next Richmond chiropractic appointment with Johnson Chiropractic. When back pain has affected the way you move, walk, even think about moving, etc., make a visit to Johnson Chiropractic for not only back pain relief but also a return to more natural kinematic motion.