Richmond Chiropractic Newsletter from Johnson Chiropractic for September 2015

Beneficial Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation

Researchers did a randomized, placebo-controlled study of 136 new-to-chiropractic low back pain patients. All of these patients are older veterans. Spinal manipulation therapy showed a statistically significant reduction in disability scores for these low back pain veterans. Pain was reduced in both groups. (1) Not bad for three months of care! Make your visits to Johnson Chiropractic and see what can be done in 3 months!

Epidural Steroid Injections – Effective?
Not so much. In 30 placebo-controlled trials of epidural steroid injections for radiculopathy (leg pain), there were mixed results: immediate reduction in pain and function, benefits were small and not continued, and long-term surgery risk was unaffected. In 8 other studies of the effectiveness of epidurdal steroid injections for spinal stenosis, researchers report no clear effectiveness of these injections. (2) Have you tried these? Discuss your results at your next Richmond chiropractic visit.
CLIMB for Back Pain Relief
Does exercise not entice you? Researchers have found that chronic low back pain sufferers (18-45 years old) improved more when they climbed than when they exercised. Disc protrusion sizes reduced. Pain reduced. Daily life activities and even posture improved. No climbing experience is necessary. Plus, climbing is not expensive, and it’s more likely to keep your attention! (3) Want to try climbing? Mention it to your Richmond chiropractic physician at your next visit. We can make a plan together! 

Do You Think Imaging is Necessary?

50% of patients with low back pain think imaging is a necessary step to get the best care possible for their back pain. (4) Might this lead to an overuse of imaging for low back pain examination? Yes! The clinical examination is the gold standard with imaging as support. You’ll find that imaging may not be recommended for you immediately if at all. Ask to see the latest recommendations for when to order imaging tests. No one wants unnecessary tests, and Johnson Chiropractic certainly doesn't want to order them for you! 
Osteoporosis Risks
In a study of older US women who get a lot of B vitamins in their diets and via supplements, osteoporosis risk appears higher for those who have elevated total homocysteine (tHcy) and elevated methylmelonic acid (MMA). (5) So what does all this mean? It means that each person needs an optimal amount of nutrients like vitamin B-12, but that "optimal" differs for each person. Let’s talk about checking your nutrient levels and addressing any lows or highs we find to prevent such diseases as osteoporosis at your next Richmond chiropractic visit.  
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