Richmond Chiropractic Newsletter from Johnson Chiropractic for June 2016

Your Thoughts Matter and Influence Treatment Outcomes

High expectations predict better outcomes. Low expectations predict lesser outcomes. It's true of life interactions. (“It’s going to be a great day!”) It’s true of back pain care outcomes, too! A new article shared that high expectations of treatment lead to more positive views of the treatment outcome. (1) Be positive that your Richmond chiropractor is going to do all possible to help you overcome your back pain, neck pain, arm pain, leg pain or other spine related pain. Expect that from the Richmond chiropractic care at Johnson Chiropractic!


Required Insurance Referral Increases Healthcare Costs!

Heard of “prior authorization” for your health insurance? Does it reduce insurance costs for low back pain care? No! One plan tried to send all of its low back pain patients to a physiatrist to reduce back surgery rates and lumbar fusion rates. Johnson Chiropractic agrees that that's a respectable goal! In the first two years, there was a reduction. In the last two years, there was an increase. (2) There are studies (3,4) like this that show chiropractic does reduce these costs. Too bad it wasn’t included here. Your Richmond chiropractor at Johnson Chiropractic is here to relieve pain in the most effective – cost and procedural – way possible.

Do You Understand Your Spinal Condition?

“Understanding the problem is halfway to its solution.” A familiar saying that is so true. In this article, researchers highlight the fact that medical explanations for patients must be to the point and simple to understand. It’s not helpful to patients when high level medical terminology is used. (5) At Johnson Chiropractic, our whole Richmond chiropractic staff strives to help our Richmond chiropractic patients understand their spinal conditions as well as how chiropractic care is going to help relieve the back pain or neck pain in the simplest terms possible.


Cherries and Apples and Quercetin Good for Diet!

Cherries and their polyphenols reduce inflammation, diabetes and hepatic complications associated with a high fat diet. Specifically, apple peel extract (AE), cherry extract (CE), and quercetin (Q) seem to be helpful additions in diets of those who consume a high fat diet. Even though a high fat diet may result in weight gain and elevated blood glucose levels, those who also added AE, CE and/or Q were better off as the C-reactive protein and liver fat were reduced. (6) Interesting study! It’s not hard to add some healthy foods like apples or cherries to your Richmond diet! Johnson Chiropractic is certainly available to talk more about nutrition