Richmond Chiropractic Healthy News November 2017



This is nothing new to you, is it? Most Richmond patients tend to discover their path to the Richmond chiropractic office of Johnson Chiropractic for Richmond back pain or neck pain. So many patients worldwide view chiropractors as spine care specialists. (1) US adults pursue chiropractic care and view it as safe and effective care for neck and back pain relief. (2) This understanding surely does not limit chiropractors to just treating the spine, but it certainly allows chiropractic care to shine. (1) Today, getting help with back pain may lead Richmond back pain sufferers in a variety of directions and at the expense of their continued pain and pocketbook. Changing how spine care is delivered may help. It may result in improved care, better outcomes and lower costs. Having a primary spine practitioner lead a patient suffering with acute and chronic pain may make more efficient the effort to the pleasure of the patient, doctor and payer (self or insurance). (3) Who better to be that Richmond primary spine care practitioner than the Richmond chiropractor whose training, licensing and clinical experience are all about the spine? Your Richmond chiropractor at Johnson Chiropractic assuredly offers Richmond pain-relieving spine care.


Richmond CHIROPRACTIC TIP OF THE MONTH: Stabilization Exercise for Richmond Neck Pain and Arm Pain

Chronic neck pain and neck-related arm pain both gain from stabilization exercise. Stabilization exercise for Richmond neck pain patients reduced pain and disability notably by reducing the activity of superficial muscles in chronic neck pain. (4) Patients with neck-related arm pain (aka cervical radiculopathy) found that their pain and neck disability lessened when trained in correct stabilization exercises. Their quality of life and posture improved as well. (5) If Richmond neck or arm pain bothers you, let’s – Johnson Chiropractic and you - look at adding some stabilization exercise to your daily routine!

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