The Richmond Chiropractic Back Pain Whisperer

March 07, 2017

“Some people will believe anything if you whisper it to them.” -  Miguel de Unamuno

And your spine whispers loudly to your Richmond chiropractic back pain specialist.

The spine whisperer. That’s what your Richmond chiropractor is, a spine whisperer! Your spine talks to your Richmond chiropractor every time it feels those confident, chiropractic hands on it. Your chiropractor listens carefully to your spine, listens for and senses those stiff segments and those sore spots causing back pain due to any number of spinal conditions. What a wondrous symbiotic link!

The Spine and The Spine Examiner 

The latest spinal research report reports on this unique relationship between the spinal pain specialist and the spine he or she examines. The research shares that the more confident the spinal examiner is, the better he or she is at detecting the stiffest spinal segment during an exam. (1) That is certainly an excellent reason to look for care from a practiced back pain specialist like your Richmond chiropractor at Johnson Chiropractic who examines painful spines day in and day out! The chiropractic examination you experience at Johnson Chiropractic will probably be unlike any you’ve undergone before! Your Richmond chiropractor’s hands are perceptive listeners to what the spine whispers.

Finding Stiff Spinal Segments 

Researchers propose that a patient’s treatment may be well directed by the examiner’s discovery of stiff segments. (1) Whenever your Richmond chiropractor lays hands on Richmond chiropractic  patients’ spines, it’s an evaluating action. Even when the chiropractic treatment is proceeding, your spine lets your treating back pain specialist know what’s happening. The wise spinal physician listens carefully, feels carefully and modifies treatment to your spine as it reacts to the Richmond chiropractic treatment. Certainly know that your Richmond chiropractor notes carefully those stiff segments during the chiropractic treatment with Cox Technic. Know, too, that the adjacent segments also get care to ensure they are interacting well and easily as possible with the rest of the spine.

See Your Richmond Chiropractor, The Spine Whisperer!

Imagine going to a confident back pain specialty doctor who touches your spine and knows what to do to help it heal. Now is your opportunity! Schedule your Richmond chiropractic appointment with the local spine whisperer, your Richmond chiropractor. Your back pain, neck pain and/or spine pain will be relieved as you’ll find that you will undergo an examination and treatment plan like you never have|are examined and treated unlike you ever have been]54] before!