January 13, 2015

Richmond middle-aged and older folks with back pain or neck pain and related arm pain and leg pain hear much about spinal stenosis. So what is it? Might Richmond chiropractic care at Johnson Chiropractic help with back pain due to spinal stenosis? Yes!

xray image of spinal stenosis narrowing
First, spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the openings in the spine through which exit the spinal cord to supply nerves to the body. Particularly back pain is caused by such stenosis changes because the nerves exiting the spine are compressed. When this compression results in back pain and pain that radiates down the arms and legs, it’s time to contact Johnson Chiropractic. When you start hearing terms like sciatica, neuropathic pain, leg pain, and arm pain, it’s time to contact the Richmond chiropractic specialty care office, Johnson Chiropractic.

What causes spinal stenosis? In those of us Richmond folks under the age of 45 to 50, it is usually due to disc herniation. In those over that age, it is due to spinal arthritis, thickened ligaments, disc herniation, disc bulges, facet (spinal joint) degenerative arthritis, disc thinning, and spurs growing from the vertebra (spinal bone) back into the nerve openings. Sometimes this array of changes is called spinal degenerative disease. Regardless the terminology we are all interested in how to control spinal stenosis and relieve the pain. What are treatment options?

Spinal manipulation as performed at Johnson Chiropractic has been shown to be first line care for back pain. (1) Specialized spinal manipulation consisting of flexion distraction and decompression spine manipulation as Cox Technic is shown to provide the following back pain relieving benefits to those of us suffering from spinal stenosis:

Richmond back pain patients seek pain relief first and foremost and later appreciate the restored motion that comes with it.

So visit your Richmond chiropractic clinic, Johnson Chiropractic, to learn how this form of care can offer you relief from spine and extremity pain.

Your Richmond doctor may also offer you physical forms of care such as electrical stimulation to decrease inflammation and sedate irritated nerves. This is beneficial because spinal stenosis also causes inflammation of nerves as they exit the spine. Also, specific home exercises to attain and maintain the increased mobility may be suggested. You may want to consider some nutritional support Johnson Chiropractic suggests to help with the disc degeneration.

This conservative chiropractic manipulation is first line care for spine and extremity pain. If your doctor feels it necessary, some interdisciplinary care with other practitioners may be recommended and, in some severe cases with progressive symptomatology and such, even surgery. However, conservative spinal manipulation like that offered at Johnson Chiropractic is first line care. It is devoid of the invasive side effects of spine surgery.

So contact Johnson Chiropractic for non-surgical back pain relief. Visit your Richmond chiropractic physician’s office for further leadership in relieving your back pain and neck pain and increase your overall wellness.