Richmond Thoracic Disc Herniation and Abdominal Pain

November 17, 2020

Abdominal pain caused by a spinal disc herniation? Yes. It’s real. Some patients with a thoracic disc herniation will have a strange abdominal bulge. It’s rather rare, but your Richmond chiropractor is aware of  its possibility and affiliation with a thoracic disc herniation as its origin. Johnson Chiropractic recognizes the complexity of a thoracic disc herniation surgery and delivers conservative, gentle care to relieve pain for many such patients.


Thoracic radiculopathy is quite rare fortunately, but it can provoke quite a bit of pain and unique symptoms associated with the abdomen. One case that came out recently was described in the medical literature. The patient was 52 years old who came into the office with severe right flank pain and abdominal pain. The treating physicians determined she had a T9-10 thoracic disc herniation and suggested an invasive surgery. (1) Another set of physicians wrote about a patient with unilateral, one-sided abdominal wall bulging and thoracic spine radicular pain due to a lateral disc herniation at T11-12 that came back with bilateral disc prolapse and motor deficits. This was an all the more unusual type of thoracic disc herniation according to the physicians. (2) Surgeons are prepared to do surgery for usual and unusual cases of thoracic disc herniation if the patient is ready.


Surgery for thoracic disc herniation are complex and quite invasive due to its close proximity to the spine cord. Most thoracic disc herniations happen between T8 and L1. Surgeons explain that they would do surgery for intractable back or radicular pain, neurological deficits and myelopathy signs (often related to large thoracic disc herniations that occupy greater than 40% of the spinal canal. (3) For patients seeking a conservative option, Richmond chiropractic care at Johnson Chiropractic offers just such an alternative.


Johnson Chiropractic uses the gentle protocols of Cox® Technic to treat the thoracic disc herniation. Your Richmond chiropractor can be very specific in hand contact and relief with chiropractic care. Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Kurt Olding  on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes a case of thoracic disc herniation and its relief with Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management and chiropractic treatment.

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Johnson Chiropractic cares for thoracic disc herniation that for some patients prompts abdominal pain.