July 12, 2011

So you have been told you have degenerative disc disease as a cause of your lower back pain, buttock pain, and perhaps even leg pain? In Richmond, Johnson Chiropractic treats patients like you all day, every day in clinical practice. Johnson Chiropractic offers relief of degenerative disc disease pain under chiropractic treatment is based on the following information.

Degenerative Disc Disease Changes How You Move

When a disc degenerates, it alters the normal motion and movements of the lower back or neck. Do you find that you cannot move your spine as smoothly and completely when you have lower back pain?

Johnson Chiropractic looks at this problem as follows. There are joints in the spine called facet joints where motion takes place. The intervertebral disc is in front of these joints.

 Normal disc
normal disc accepts 90% of the weight bearing of the entire body when we stand, sit or move the spine.
 Degenerated disc
 degenerative disc (one that has lost its flexibility and shrunk in size) forces the facet joints to carry much more than the 10% they normally do.


Under such compressive pressure, the facets become painful and lose their normal movements. You don't move like you used to.

Degenerative disc disease alters normal motion of your spine. (1) Patients with disc degeneration show abnormal motion in parts of the spine like...

  • More side bending movement.
  • Less rotation in the upper part of the low back when bending forward and backward at the waist.
  • More twisting and rotation in the lower part of the low back.

Such increased rotational motion at the level of the spine where degenerative disc disease occurs also causes neighboring levels of the spine to degenerate as well. This is the "snowball effect" of degenerative disc disease; it keeps going.

Johnson Chiropractic has a relief plan to slow it down, stop pain and return motion.

Give Johnson Chiropractic a Month (or so, sometimes); Get Pain Relief and Improved Motion

Richmond's degenerative disc disease chiropractic center returns your motion. Johnson Chiropractic relieves pain due to degenerative disc disease with chiropractic spinal manipulation in 12 visits and 29 days on average according to published research about lower back pain relief. Johnson Chiropractic treats degenerative disc disease by returning and maintaining normal ranges of motion of the spine.

Your treatment plan may include Cox Technic, nutrition to reduce disc degeneration and stimulate disc regeneration, and exercises to maintain normal muscle strengths and ranges of motion of the spine to prevent more disc degeneration and relieve pain.

Read more about degenerative disc disease or just contact Johnson Chiropractic today!

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