Richmond Chiropractic Care to Help Relieve Migraine Pain

April 07, 2020

Migraine sufferers don’t suffer by themselves. About 15% of US adults experience migraine. More women than men are troubled by migraine. Women tend to suffer migraine three times more often as men do. (1) Johnson Chiropractic is not alone in wanting to help migraine sufferers find relief. Johnson Chiropractic is happy to contribute to the migraine relief effort with its gentle Richmond chiropractic care.


How do migraine sufferers deal with their migraine? They use medications. Meds are first line treatment options, yet around 50% of migraine sufferers are recently trying complementary and integrative medicine. One set of researchers has organized a study of the chiropractic care of migraine as migraine and musculoskeletal tension and pain often occur together. They named their study the “Integrative Migraine Pain Alleviation through Chiropractic Therapy (IMPACT).” (1) Johnson Chiropractic anticipates their findings as they intend to assess multimodal chiropractic care along with usual care and usual care but itself for adult women with episodic migraine.


Non-pharmacological interventions for migraine are usual. To find out if an intervention is “clinically meaningful,” researchers look for a 50% reduction in headaches. A panel of researchers who reviewed many published studies proposed that associated symptoms and fear of attacks would also be appropriate outcome measures along with the 50% reduction in migraines. They also said that the level of effectiveness for non-pharmacological interventions – particularly used with medication – should be lower if helpful. (2) Johnson Chiropractic is happy to play a role in our Richmond migraine sufferers’ healthcare team for migraine relief. The 50% Rule has governed the outcomes of Cox Technic. 


Chiropractic is known for its approach to musculoskeletal pain and its relief. Since research suggested that musculoskeletal tension may play a role in migraine, chiropractic may play a role in its relief. Researchers collected details from several randomized control trials of spinal manipulation for migraine relief. Treatment with spinal manipulation varied from 2 to 6 months. Preliminarily, spinal manipulation was written to be an effective therapeutic treatment to decrease migraine days and migraine intensity and pain. (3) Johnson Chiropractic performs extremely gentle spinal manipulation from the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management to relieve pain and ease any migraine-related musculoskeletal pain issues.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Jeremy Heidt on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes treatment of migraine and related neck pain with The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Manipulation for a patient who was helped by his chiropractic care.

Schedule a Richmond chiropractic appointment with Johnson Chiropractic for additional relief and care of migraine pain. Richmond migraine sufferers do not have to suffer by themselves, don’t have to cope with migraine alone. Johnson Chiropractic uses spinal manipulation and Richmond chiropractic services for some relief.

Johnson Chiropractic offers gentle chiropractic treatment to migraine sufferers with related musculoskeletal tension wanting relief.