Richmond Back Pain Recovery and Movement Helped with Back Belts

January 21, 2022

Once you experience low back pain, you don’t want to experience it again. Back pain, though, is not commonly a one and done condition, yet life goes on and carries you with it. Pain lessens. You begin moving and performing what you did before.  Your activities of daily life get done. Sometimes, it takes a bit longer to get back to the activities and/or the way you do the activities. Back belts may come in handy with these residual issues of Richmond back pain.


A study of material handlers with back pain assessed the use of extensible, non-extensible, and no belts in healthy and in back pain patients. The researchers evaluated for two outcomes: pain-related and biomechanical. As far as biomechanical outcomes go, both the belt types decreased lumbar spine range of motion equally in low back pain patients and in healthy volunteers doing small and deep trunk flexion motions. (Yay!) Both belts also reduced pain, the fear of pain, and the catastrophizing of pain in the back pain patients. (Another great outcome!) Belts may permit for a steady return to physical work activities to avert disability or retain the motion of these activities after a low back pain event. (1) Johnson Chiropractic appreciates these additions to the healing process. 


Another study of extensible, non-extensible, and no belt use in low back pain office workers was done. Biomechanically, belt use in all three groups (those with back pain who wore either type of belt and those who were healthy office workers) benefitted sit-to-stand movement. For the back pain patients, belt use decreased pain intensity, pain-related anxiety, and pain catastrophizing. The researchers suggested that either type of belt may be beneficial in activities of daily living of patients with low back pain and of healthy office workers. (2) Johnson Chiropractic backs the use of tools that keep our Richmond back pain patients active and moving and confident in their ability to be active and mobile. We work with our patients to create a Richmond chiropractic treatment plan that may or may not involve a back belt and watch its use so that it remains a beneficial tool and not a hindrance to healing.


We don’t want you to fear using a back brace for a time. There is some controversy over belt use, but a back belt may also help as described in these papers. Know that Johnson Chiropractic will work with you and your specific condition as to whether back belt use may be of value. All of us just want pain relief and a return to activities that you enjoy.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Nate McKee on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson. He discusses his use of the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management for treating spinal stenosis and associated balance issues for which one test is the sit-to-stand test discussed in these papers.

Schedule your Richmond chiropractic appointment today. Richmond chiropractic care gets the desire to not ever feel back pain again. We want our Richmond back pain patients to realize that there is hope, there is help, and there is a return to life and its activities via tools like back belts integrated into a treatment plan with spinal manipulation, nutrition, exercise, etc. 

Johnson Chiropractic offers backing for the benefit of back belts for back pain sufferers as they resume activities of daily living.