June 07, 2016

Spinal discs need nutrients to be healthy and functional. For a variety of reasons, spinal discs may become unhealthy and dysfunctional leading to such issues as disc degeneration, disc herniation, and back pain or neck pain (or both since disc degeneration is a systemic not a local disease: If disc degeneration is in  one spinal area, it may well appear in another.). Johnson Chiropractic cares for spinal discs. Johnson Chiropractic understand spinal discs. Johnson Chiropractic offers an all-inclusive, gentle and effective Richmond chiropractic treatment plan for spinal discs when they are healthy and functional as well as when they are unhealthy and dysfunctional.

In recent years, the most interesting reports about spinal discs are those that talk about the potential that discs can regenerate if they’ve degenerated. How do most people know their discs have degenerated? They find their back or neck hurts and then become Richmond chiropractic patients. Johnson Chiropractic handles these degenerated discs with a chiropractic spinal manipulation and nutritional approach to up the potential for regeneration as much as possible.

And what about spinal nutrition? Researchers point out that disc degeneration results from impaired cellular activity. They profess that by adding active cells to the disc, normal cellular activity may result. However, they also note that there must be some healthy cells still in the spinal disc for the implanted ones to work! What marks a healthy disc? One filled with nutrients. When discs degenerate, they lose their nutrients which limits the potential for them to regenerate. So what should a Richmond back pain or neck pain sufferer with disc degeneration do? Feed the disc. (1)

Now how does the disc get its nutrients? From the blood supply via the outer edges of the disc which butt up to the endplates of the bone of the vertebral bodies above and below. (2) This is called diffusion. These edges must be healthy, too, so the flow is unimpeded. (3) That’s where spinal manipulation comes into play.

So how does chiropractic spinal manipulation help? Spinal manipulation creates a push-pull-pumping effect between the endplates and the disc to encourage nutrient exchange. (4) Johnson Chiropractic chooses to use Cox Technic flexion distraction to produce this effect. Further, as compression causes disc degeneration, distraction results in regeneration. (5) And 28 days of compression specifically results in degeneration of the vertebral endplate and reduced flow through the endplate ending with disc degeneration; 28 days of distraction allows regeneration of the endplate and the recovery of flow. (6,7)

So contact Johnson Chiropractic today. Richmond chiropractic care involving Cox Technic and nutrition (such nutrients as chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate, glycosaminoglycan and such) may just be your path to healthier and more functional spinal discs and back pain and neck pain relief.