December 27, 2011

chiropractic care is a natural approach to healing. We chiropractors help our patients seek safe alternatives to medications and surgery when possible. Johnson Chiropractic, of course, understands the importance of medication, and sometimes the necessary roles these interventions play, but we strive to help our patients who so desire to manage pain without medication or surgery.

A natural approach, nutrition, is often incorporated into our Richmond chiropractic services' treatment plan. Science is continually discovering and publishing new information about nutritional health. For example, flax seed may benefit osteoporosis!

Johnson Chiropractic's chiropractic team enjoys new findings, and this one, we can see, may help many of our Richmond osteoporosis patients. We've shared a cornucopia of information on bone nutrition and how important it is to feed your bones; particularly when you have osteoporosis. For years, the benefits of calcium and Vitamin D3 - and even beer due to its silicon content and benefit for bone mineral density, but that's an article for another time! (1) - for osteoporosis have been touted.

flax seed muffins, recipe by Betty Crocker - Flax seed may benefit osteoporosis!A new study touts flax seed supplementation as being bone-protective. The researchers propose that the ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) in the flax seed oil, not necessarily the lignan fraction of flax seeds, is key. Their conclusion is that eating flax seeds while on estrogen therapy or taking flax seed oil alone is best for supplementation to enhance bone-protection. (2)

So, Richmond osteoporosis people, keep taking your calcium and Vitamin D3 for osteoporosis and coming to Johnson Chiropractic for chiropractic care, but acquire a taste for flax seed! See if you can find a Richmond restaurant using flax seeds in their recipes. Try the seeds or use flax seed oil for cooking or in a salad dressing. You - and your osteoporotic bones or pre-osteoporotic bones! - may very-well like and even benefit from it!

Check out the flaxseed research for osteoporosis, then contact your Richmond chiropractic center, Johnson Chiropractic, to work in a natural approach to osteoporosis with chiropractic!