Richmond Osteoporosis & Fracture Prevention with Calcium and Vitamin D

June 25, 2019

Fractures are no fun. Fractures are painful. Fractures slow you down. Fractures are costly in not only in terms of money but also time and suffering. How can osteoporotic fractures be averted? Calcium and vitamin D supplementation for those with osteoporosis. Johnson Chiropractic sees many Richmond osteoporotic patients and recommends preventive measures like nutritional supplementation to deter osteoporotic fractures and keep our Richmond chiropractic patients strong and fit.


Your Richmond chiropractor knows well that supplementing with calcium and vitamin D supports the health of bones and helps them be strong. This feeding and strengthening ideally should begin in the teen years, but supplementing at any age is beneficial. A recent study of osteoporosis patients in the European Union and the United States shares a couple startling pieces of data:

(A) more than 500,000 fractures a year in the EU and 300,000 in the United States could be prevented if every osteoporotic adult in the EU and US took calcium and vitamin D and

(B) €5.7 billion in the EU and $3.3 billion in the US could be saved. (1)

Those are some huge numbers! Johnson Chiropractic certainly encourages backing this effort to save money and, more importantly, suffering by supplementing with calcium and vitamin D3.


Johnson Chiropractic is quite certain that if you are making the effort to take calcium and vitamin D, you want it to work. You want them to be absorbed as much as possible. That is where the type of vitamin D you take is important. Attaining and keeping adequate levels of vitamin D is also important for bone and general health. This is an issue for people everywhere. Why? Absorption. Absorption may be hindered in conditions like obesity in which nutrients get trapped in the adipose tissue, in diseases that are known for decreased intestinal absorption, and with some neurological diseases that require special drugs that predispose the person’s system to not synthesize the calcifediol effectively. The recommendation in this recent research paper is to take oral calcifediol (vitamin D3) as it is three to five times more powerful and has a greater rate of intestinal absorption. (2) Johnson Chiropractic knows this is important.

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Chiropractors incorporate spinal manipulation, exercise, nutrition, and more into a treatment plan. Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Jeremy Heidt  on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson who presents his plan of care for a patient’s neck pain and migraine as it is exemplary of Richmond chiropractic care that incorporates nutrition, lifestyle tips, exercise, and spinal manipulation using gentle Cox® Technic to manage spine-related pain.

Schedule a Richmond chiropractic appointment with Johnson Chiropractic today. Why? It helps prevent osteoporotic fractures and saves a lot of money! Just remember the answer to this question: “How might osteoporotic fractures be prevented?” Calcium and vitamin D supplementation.

Johnson Chiropractic recommends nutritional supplementation with vitamin D and calcium to prevent osteoporotic fractures.