August 30, 2016

Inflammation contributes to back pain. Inflammation aggravates arthritis. Inflammation leads to bone loss. (1) Inflammation isn’t good for our bodies. Inflammation is one of the reasons that people who seem to be healthy may well find themselves facing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and/or autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and thyroid disease. (2) Inflammatory joint diseases like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and spondylitis – inflammation of the vertebral bones in the spine - may trigger back pain. (3)  Johnson Chiropractic offers Richmond chiropractic treatment plans for back pain and neck pain and leg pain and arm pain relief and then gently encourages our Richmond chiropractic patients to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent future occurrences. Eating well is one of the components of a healthy lifestyle.

An anti-inflammatory diet includes vegetables and fruit as the basic staples on a daily basis, the more colorful the better! Johnson Chiropractic ventures to say that adding chiropractic makes life more colorfully better, too! Daily whole grains like whole grain rice several times a day are recommended as well as beans and legumes once or twice a day. Drink some tea; white, green and oolong go a long way toward health! And pasta isn’t a bad thing if limited to a couple times a week. Foods like nutrient rich fish and seafood - think salmon and sardines - are suggested a few times a week. Cook with virgin olive oil, and eat some nuts – walnut, avocados, pistachios, flax seeds. If that sweet tooth just craves chocolate, indulge in some 70% cocoa dark chocolate a couple times a week. It’s ok! (4) Johnson Chiropractic knows none of us are perfect in our daily eating habits and knows too that just a small change today that takes actually hold in the lives of our Richmond chiropractic patients will pay off in the future.

For many Richmond chiropractic patients suffering with back pain and/or inflammatory related diseases, eating an anti-inflammatory diet may seem too drastic at first. Just go gradually into the new frontier of eating healthily! Start by grabbing some carrots instead of cookies or some nuts instead of chocolates. Your body will reward you with feeling better and more energetic! You’ll find other benefits like reduced risks of inflammatory diseases.

Contact Johnson Chiropractic if you find yourself with pain. Our gentle Richmond chiropractic treatment can help, and our introduction to and encouragement of a healthier lifestyle may be just what your body needs to tame and even eliminate the aggravating inflammation and its related pain!