Richmond Osteoarthritis Benefits from Chiropractic Care

October 17, 2019

Chondroprotective…a beautiful word to your Richmond chiropractor who is all about protecting the cartilage of Richmond back pain and spine-related pain sufferers along with Richmond knee pain sufferers with osteoarthritis. When such pain happens, a decrease in beneficial nutrients often follows. Fortunately, chiropractic care options at Johnson Chiropractic like spinal manipulation, exercise, and nutrition are protective as well as alleviating.


Chondro refers to cartilage while protective means, well, protective. When it comes to musculoskeletal pain like Richmondback pain or knee pain, chondroprotective agents are beneficial. In recent studies, the term “chondroprotectors” has been mentioned. More specifically in one study, glucosamine showed a chondroprotective action on osteoarthritis by blocking type II collagen degradation. In athletes, such collagen degradation associated with cartilage metabolism rose. (1) Johnson Chiropractic suggests exercise whether it’s athletic-level or everyday walking to enhance body health and cartilage metabolism as this article details.


Nutrition may improve osteoarthritis indications, as well. Nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate have been researched and documented to slow the progression of osteoarthritis of the knee in many well-designed research projects. (2) Chondroprotectors - biological agents that add to the regeneration of the cartilage surface and joint capsule and participate in articular cartilage metabolism – work when there is a decrease in chondroitin sulfate and ongoing loss of hyaline cartilage as seen in osteoarthritis in addition to low back pain. The aim of osteoarthritis treatment is to slow its progression, relieve its pain, and enhance any diminished function. (3) Johnson Chiropractic understands well the chondroprotective nature of proper nutrition!


At Johnson Chiropractic, chiropractic care integrates a variety of approaches to ease pain and protect the body’s joints and cartilage. Spinal manipulation is the expected chiropractic treatment approach while a reworking of its distractive principles has been created for the knee for osteoarthritic knee pain relief. Research support for distraction of the knee grows as to its effectiveness in alleviating pain and improving joint space width. A paper reported that it continued for up to 9 years. (4) Johnson Chiropractic is all for these chondroprotective approaches to knee in addition to Richmond back pain!

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Luigi Albano on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he explains how he uses the principles of Cox® Technic flexion distraction in the distraction treatment of osteoarthritic knees. There is hope for knee pain sufferers!

Schedule a Richmond chiropractic appointment for your spine conditions and knee pain issues. New research is pointing to the value of chondroprotective agents and joint distraction manipulation on osteoarthritis and collagen production. Richmond chiropractic care incorporates them all. Chondroprotective is a beautiful word!

Johnson Chiropractic offers several pain-relieving methods to the care of osteoarthritic pain.