Richmond Chiropractic Patients At Risk of Falling May Find Help from Calcium plus Vitamin D Supplementation

October 16, 2018

“Have you fallen in the last year?”

That is the most suitable conversation starting question a physician can ask a patient to determine fall risk. (1) From that answer, fall risk issues can be discussed and prevention suggestions can be communicated. Both physical issues of falls as well as nutritional issues play a role. Your Richmond chiropractor is aware of fall risk in our Richmond chiropractic patient population. Johnson Chiropractic considers the influential physical and nutritional aspects of falls to assist our Richmond patients.


Not surprising to you or Johnson Chiropractic, but the aging population is rising. By 2029, folks older than 65 will comprise 20% of the population, and they will outnumber folks under 18! Those numbers alone are amazing. But what about some of the problems that will accompany this aging population. One is fall risk. What contributes to the risk of falls? Nutritional status is as it contributes to frailty and sarcopenia (muscle weakness). One way to reducing the fall risk is to deal with malnutrition. (2) Johnson Chiropractic knows nutrition and understands Richmond fall risk.


In 2015, 31% of all U.S. family physician appointments were for adults over 65 years of age. By 2030, there will be 72 million over-65-year-olds. These people are living longer and developing all sorts of chronic issues and worrying about how to manage them in the healthcare system and how to fund the healthcare they require. Sound familiar? Of course, Johnson Chiropractic and you all know someone in this set of circumstances now. It’s up to the doctors who take care of these patients to assist them in managing their healthcare issues. These doctors must be equipped to identify what issues these patients are at risk of experiencing. Falls are one of the big issues facing older adults. (1) Nutritional status must be addressed to prevent falls, but how can a doctor tell who needs their nutritional status tested to prevent falls? Family physicians are typically first line doctors for this job as they see so many patients. Your Richmond chiropractor is also great at this!


A evaluation of published research studies about 16,540 elderly people compared to 16,146 people in control groups discovered that supplementing with calcium plus vitamin D significantly reduced the risk of falls. (3) Bone health is so important! Johnson Chiropractic is well experienced in nutrition and ready to help our Richmond chiropractic patients at risk of falling and/or who find themselves in a state of malnutrition that puts them at risk of falling. Plus, Johnson Chiropractic offers the gentlest of chiropractic manipulation care to maintain a spine mobile and healthy as possible with Cox Technic!

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Schedule a Richmond chiropractic visit today. An assessment of your risk of fall can be done as necessary. A personalized nutritional plan can be made to enhance health and lower the risk of falling. The discussion between your Richmond chiropractor and you at Johnson Chiropractic will begin with the easiest question: “Have you fallen in the past year?” and go from there.

Calcium and vitamin D supplementation may be recommended to Richmond chiropractic patients who are at risk of falling.