How Johnson Chiropractic Uses Dead Bugs to Help Richmond Back Pain Sufferers

August 28, 2018

Dead bugs. Bird dogs. Superman. How do these fit into Richmond back pain relief?  They’re all recognized stabilizing exercises. Dead bugs are rather useful in stabilizing the back muscles of back pain sufferers. Dead bug exercises assist back pain suffers in strengthening their spine’s muscle support system and in that way keeping Richmond back pain away. Johnson Chiropractic also appreciates the fact that dead bug exercises are a method back pain sufferers can help themselves. Chiropractic care at Johnson Chiropractic includes such helpful things!


It is so funny that one of the most effective exercises to activate muscles is called a dead anything! The dead bug exercise is lumbar spine muscle activating. Criss-cross, single leg stretch and dead bug are commonly used to activate lumbar stabilizing muscles. They’re shown to be effective fast. In fact, they are discovered to be effective in both healthy persons as well as chronic low back pain sufferers in the first exercise session. (1) Johnson Chiropractic values such exercises that offer patients obvious improvement like that. Richmond chiropractic back pain patients are encouraged to do additional exercise with that kind of result!


As with everything Johnson Chiropractic does in the way of treating Richmond back pain, patient tolerance and physical ability are taken into account. A new study of four stabilization exercises as well as the dead bug exercise deduced that a graded and appropriate lumbar stabilization exercise program tailored to the individual back pain sufferer may be an effective means to strengthen back muscles. Researchers discovered that as the intensity of these stabilizing exercises increased so too did the activity of the related stabilizing muscles significantly. (2) Richmond back pain exercises in the Richmond treatment plan that Johnson Chiropractic sets up for each back pain patient are tailored to the Richmond back pain patient.

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Schedule a Richmond chiropractic appointment with Johnson Chiropractic today. Jointly, Johnson Chiropractic and you will find the proper exercise like the dead bug and the right intensity level for your Richmond back pain relief and control. Dead bugs may well be your friend for Richmond back pain relief!

Johnson Chiropractic finds dead bugs quite useful in the healing process of Richmond back pain for many chiropractic patients.