Richmond Chronic Low Back Pain Related to Physical Activity Level

November 09, 2021

Is exercise really all that? Back pain sufferers ask, especially those who don’t enjoy physical activity! Some  Richmond back pain sufferers are not exercisers by nature. (Are you?) Your Richmond chiropractor knows all sorts of back pain sufferers and knows a variety of physical activity options that may be more interesting. At Johnson Chiropractic we try to pair the exercise option to the chronic back pain sufferer and symptomatology to optimize the results of exercise described in research studies to be valuable in managing, relieving, and preventing back pain.

3 HOURS OF LEISURE TIME: What do you do?

How do you spend your non-work hours impacts your back pain experience! Let us first describe sedentary versus physically active. Researchers in one study defined physically active folks as those who were more active in their leisure time. They spent 3 hours of their leisure time per day being physically active. Sedentary folks spent 3 hours or more a day of their leisure time sitting. Physically active folks were 33% less likely to have low back pain contrasted with more sedentary folks. (1) Takeaway: Be more physically active in your off-time! Like gardening? Garden! Like walking? Walk! Like talking? Take a walk with a friend, and talk!


We are all different! Regarding back pain, the difference shines even more in some aspects. Johnson Chiropractic knows a few chronic low back pain patients are more prone to exercising and being physically active than others who tend to be more sedentary. What is the difference in these folks? Researchers found a few things: more physically active folks (those who do at least 150 mins. of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity a week) have a lower body mass index and higher levels of leisure time physical activity. Sedentary folks (those who perform more than 8 hours of time in sedentary activities a day) are more likely to have lower levels of activity at work. (2) Hum? We know that such patient characteristics need to be considered when treating back pain patients and encouraging physical activity and reducing sedentary lifestyle activity. How can Johnson Chiropractic assist our more sedentary back pain patients? Hopefully sharing these little bits of information is beneficial! Your Richmond chiropractor is here for you. Let us know your ideas on how we can assist you!


In a Cochrane Review performed by a high level scientific and well respected research group, exercise for chronic low back pain was shown again as promisingly relieving. The review involved reviewing 249 papers and their outcomes. Pain relief and functional limitation improvement were found. (3) Exercise keeps showing itself to be beneficial for dealing with chronic low back pain.

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Make your next Richmond chiropractic appointment soon. We are here for our Richmond chiropractic patients, active and sedentary! Whatever your physical activity level, know that Johnson Chiropractic is here to walk the path to decreased back pain with you. Exercise is beneficial. We will find some form of physical activity that works for you. 

Johnson Chiropractic describes the relationship between physical activity level and back pain and the benefit of being physically active.