Richmond Back Pain Relief with Exercise & Chiropractic

January 31, 2023

As any Richmond back pain patient knows, getting relief can be challenging. You may have tried multiple treatments and healthcare providers. But did you know that exercise could be an extra notch in the key to relieving your back pain? According to the CHAMPS Study-DK, links between cardiovascular disease risk factors and spinal pain may be moderated by sex and health-related physical activity. (1) Namely, exercise can help decrease back pain. Johnson Chiropractic shares some information about how this works.


Exercise has demonstrated itself beneficial for those who suffer with chronic back pain in a multitude of ways. First, it strengthens core and lower back muscles which support your spine and decrease strain on it. Strengthening these muscles can help ease some of the pressure exerted on your spine and decrease the amount of back pain you experience due to poor posture or bad habits like slouching. Further, exercise helps increase flexibility in your joints; it enhances blood circulation which helps advance healing; and it releases endorphins which are natural pain killers that help lower inflammation related to chronic back pain. (2,3) Johnson Chiropractic combines Cox® Technic spinal manipulation that reduces intradiscal pressures (Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. William Hoffman on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes the Cox® Technic and its research showing drops in intradiscal pressure.) with exercises that are shown to reduce pain for optimal patient outcomes.


It is significant to be aware that when beginning an exercise program for Richmond back pain relief, you should start slowly and gradually raise the intensity over time as your body adapts. It is also valuable to select low-impact exercises such as walking or swimming rather than high impact exercises such as running or jumping as these can put extra strain on your spine and irritate rather than help. With that, moderate aerobic exercise mixing strengthening and stretching exercises has been proven useful in decreasing lower back pain for many back pain sufferers with chronic conditions like back pain. Richmond back pain patients have a great exercise coach at Johnson Chiropractic as researchers write that chiropractors actively endorse (and participate in their own) physical activity by providing exercise information, questioning patients about their physical activity level, and advising back pain patients about suitable exercises to help their conditions. (4)

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Exercise is a valuable way to manage chronic lower back pain. If done correctly, it could be just what you need to enhance your opportunity for long term relief from lower back pain! Schedule your Richmond chiropractic appointment to begin your chiropractic pain relieving treatment plan of spinal manipulation and mobilization with exercise.

Richmond chiropractic treatment plan with walking as exercise for back pain relief