Richmond Back Pain Relief with Paraspinal Muscle Health

July 30, 2019

Paraspinal muscles? Where are they? These muscles align the spine. They support the spine and permit it to move. And their health counts. Their health is a factor in your posture, your back pain condition, and your ability to move your spine as you must and want.  Johnson Chiropractic advocates exercises as part of the chiropractic treatment plan to strengthen and maintain the strength of these critical paraspinal muscles in the control of Richmond back pain and relief of back pain.


The paraspinal muscles of the back are the action muscles of the spine. They run up and down your whole spine. They reposition your spine. Also known as the erector spinae, paraspinal muscles allow you to lean, bend, twist, and arch your back. Their ability to do their job is connected to the health of their surrounding tissues. A recent study recorded that damage to the spine’s vertebral bones’ endplates has a part in chronic low back pain. Endplate damage and chronic low back pain patients’ symptoms are reported to depend on paraspinal muscle quality. Attempts to strengthen the paraspinal muscles can be positive. (1) Occasionally finding the right exercise for you is key.


Fatty infiltration of muscles affects Richmond low back pain. Muscle weakness affects low back pain. Exercise is suggested. In another recent study, high-intensity exercise didn’t alter these two concerns for all participants. However, for those who did show improvement in fat content and weakness, functional improvement followed. (2) At least most of us can exercise to improve our backs’ paraspinal muscles.  Astronauts cannot! Their paraspinal and quadratus lumborum muscles were still weak 2 to 4 years after their returning from space. Researchers speculate that these changes added to the back pain astronauts have. (3) Richmond does not have many astronauts in its population, so Johnson Chiropractic will help you find the proper form of exercise – be it high intensity or other such exercise – for your best improvement of Richmond back pain.  

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Hamisi Kote Ali on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson who shares how treatment of paraspinal muscles via fascia manipulation goes hand-in-hand with spinal manipulation treatment utilizing gentle Cox® Technic to handle spine-related pain.

Schedule a Richmond chiropractic appointment with Johnson Chiropractic today. Together, we will establish the strength or lack thereof of your paraspinal muscles, your erector spinae muscles, and come up with the precise exercises to strengthen them for your spine’s optimal alignment and movement.

Johnson Chiropractic describes the importance of paraspinal muscles and their strength for Richmond back pain relief.