Richmond Exercise May Be Inspired by Social Interaction & Listening Docs

January 21, 2020

What inspires you to exercise? Everybody’s different. Pain relief, social interaction, a listening, attentive healthcare provider who’s encouraging you to exercise, feeling like you are heard and understood all help. There’s something for everyone! Johnson Chiropractic hopes to inspire our Richmond back pain patients to exercise to keep their back pain at bay.


Lumbar spinal stenosis is one aggravating back pain condition! Older adults really feel its effect as it limits their ability to walk and do other daily activities. A research project contrasted three approaches: medical care, community-based group exercise, and clinic based manual therapy and personalized exercise. All the patients reported that exercise improved their pain levels and function but that these effects were short-lived. They needed to keep exercising. The most common reasons for not carrying on with these activities were other health problems and transportation. The medical care approach had slight to no effect. The community group exercise provided social support and participants kept going to these classes after the study. These back pain patients stated that the doctor’s ability to relate to them and listen to their concerns were so important. (1) Johnson Chiropractic wants to listen, inspire, and watch our Richmond back pain patients get Richmond back pain relief with chiropractic care and exercise.


A recent study found that six weeks of twice-a-week (better than one time a week or home exercise alone) supervised physical therapy brought about significant temporary improvements in symptom severity, physical function, back and leg pain, and gait disturbance. (2) It harkens back to the benchmark paper by Weber who explained that 90% of disc herniation with sciatica patients responded to active, energetic, non-surgical care. (3) That’s what it’s all about at Johnson Chiropractic! Active, energetic management of back pain! Patients and their healthcare providers like your Richmond chiropractor must go all out to manage the source of back pain as well as its symptomatology. Johnson Chiropractic is ready and able to do just that to help our Richmond back pain patients! Exercise, spinal manipulation with Cox® Technic, nutrition, ergonomics training, and more.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Nike Taylor on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson whose patient emphatically declares that exercise is so important to the overall relief and sustained relief with chiropractic…and he had been experiencing back pain off and on for a long time until his experience with The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management.

Schedule your next Richmond chiropractic appointment with Johnson Chiropractic. We will find the appropriate inspiration to keep you actively following your back pain relief with us and with others!

Johnson Chiropractic hopes to inspire exercise for back pain relief by listening closely and encouraging patients to exercise with others.