Relief for Richmond Neck Pain Stemming from Your Job

April 09, 2019

How many times do we refer to something as a pain in the neck? Ever call your job a pain in the neck? (Be honest! Johnson Chiropractic will not tell your boss!) Certain work duties could well be a honest pain in the neck. Some easy exercises and Richmond chiropractic care could ease your neck pain gently and successfully.


Researchers have a formal name for your job’s pain in the neck issue - work-related neck-shoulder pain. Adding motor control training and ergonomic workspace modification advice for workplace motions and postures lead to positive and sustainable advantage in reducing shoulder pain and neck pain. (1) Adding stretching exercises to the everyday routine decreased neck and shoulder pain and better neck function and quality of life for office workers with chronic moderate-to-severe neck pain or shoulder pain. This study documented that the extra training in how to do neck and shoulder stretches twice daily every work day (5 days weekly) really helped in the month long program. Further, those who performed the exercises less than 3 times a week received less improvement than those who did them more than 3 times a week. Performing the neck and shoulder exercises more improved neck function and these patients’ quality of life scores. And this study was with chronic neck pain and shoulder pain patients, those who have experienced neck and shoulder pain for more than 3 months and rated their pain as 5 or more on a scale of 10 points with 10 being the worst pain. (2) Imagine what benefit these types of exercises could do for early stage neck and shoulder pain office-working patients! Johnson Chiropractic has the neck exercises for Richmond neck pain and shoulder pain patients! Just ask!

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Listen to this PODCAST by Dr. Sarah Murrow on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson about helping a patient experience neck pain and shoulder pain relief with the Cox® Technic System of Spine Pain Management.

Schedule your Richmond chiropractic visit for neck pain and shoulder pain - job-related or not - today. Johnson Chiropractic delivers gentle, safe, non-rotational chiropractic spinal manipulation for neck pain relief. Your work does not have to be a literal pain in your neck! Johnson Chiropractic’s chiropractic treatment plan incorporating your exercising may well take the pain away!

Johnson Chiropractic treats job-related neck pain with spinal manipulation and some exercise mixed in.