Richmond Stress and Its Contribution to Back Pain

August 06, 2019

From nurses to firefighters, from children to older folks - and all of us in between - work-related stress is stressful. It affects our experience of pain and often elicits bouts of back pain and neck pain and back-related and neck-related pain. Johnson Chiropractic is here to help suppress the power of work-related stress as much as possible. Richmond back pain and neck pain patients bring everything – including their stress – with them to Johnson Chiropractic. You can, too! Together, we will deal with work-stress and back and neck pain.


Work-related stress messes with us. It reveals itself via pain. None of us is immune to stress, not even a kid! A kid’s work is being a kid and going to school on the path to adulthood. Along the way, kids get job-related stress. The pressures of grades and peers and news and learning problems get to them. Adolescents find themselves with low back pain, too. Depression, anxiety, coercion, uncomfortable relationships, extreme academic pressures, and unsatisfactory school lives may all put college students at risk for chronic low back pain. (1) 11% of firefighters reported moderate to extremely severe work-related stress. 40% reported musculoskeletal symptoms with back pain being the most noted. More stress is linked to more such symptoms. (2) Trash collectors reported back pain issues – upper back pain 89%, shoulder pain 81%, wrist/hand pain 79%, neck pain 68% - which translated into higher psychological demands for them. (3) Researchers discovered that psychological factors and fear-avoidance behaviors caused 11.8% of nursing care facility workers’ stating that chronic low back pain disrupted their work. (4) It’s an unusual person whose job is pure joy and stress-free. The rest of us find ways to manage. Your Richmond chiropractor is by your side.


Chiropractors like yours at Johnson Chiropractic see stressed-out patients. One study stated that more than 30% of chiropractic patients said they were moderately to severely stressed. Over 50% felt stress played a moderate or greater role in their current pain. 71% said that it would be beneficial if their chiropractic care included stress-coping strategies. 44% were interested in taking a course to enhance their stress management skills. (5) Chiropractic care is offered to all, regardless of age or profession. Your Richmond chiropractor is trained to diagnose the physical cause of back pain and neck pain and to correlate any work-related stress that may be influencing your Richmond back pain and neck pain. The conversation of how to better deal with stress via lifestyle changes, exercise, etc., helps many Richmond back pain and neck pain patients recover with the Richmond chiropractic treatment plan.  

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Robert Hayden  on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson who enjoys working with the toughest, stressed-out back pain and neck pain patients with the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management as part of the chiropractic treatment plan.

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