The Path of Richmond Back Pain Contained with Chiropractic Care

April 04, 2023

You experience a bout of back pain – first, second, tenth. Are you curious about what that means going forward? Of course! The trajectory – researchers’ name for the path of back pain – of the Richmond back pain experience is individual to each, but there are issues that may help foretell that course. Johnson Chiropractic offers some input on the influence of lifestyle and chiropractic care.

WHAT TO DO – Chiropractic

A new article’s findings make seeking chiropractic care logical to impact the path of back pain. Patients who undergo chiropractic care for their chronic (over 3 months) and acute (under a month) low back pain who reported “much better” or “better” at one week of care were 4 to 5 times more likely to report improvement at 30 days and 90 days of care. Particularly, acute back pain patients who reported experiencing more severe pain and disability in the beginning of care recovered quicker. The majority of patients with lumbar radicular leg pain bettered. Both chronic and acute back pain patients reported good outcomes. (1) Another study of the interdisciplinary care (spine surgeons/chiropractors in a university hospital) of chronic back pain patients documented that almost half of the chronic low back pain patients treated with chiropractic conservative care reported clinically relevant improvement. (2) Johnson Chiropractic sees even greater outcomes with our specific form of chiropractic care, Cox® Technic!

WHAT TO DO – More Chiropractic

A question arises: why stop chiropractic care with pain relief? A study demonstrated that low back pain patients who underwent chiropractic maintenance carechiropractic treatments on a regular basis unrelated to whether they had symptoms – experienced fewer days of low back pain that limited their activities of daily living contrasted with getting treatment only when a new low back pain episode arose. (3) More Richmond chiropractic care on a regular basis seems positive.

WHAT TO DO – More Activity

More is not always better, but some types of more are better, like chiropractic and activity. A low back pain patient with a lifetime history of back pain may want to try participating in higher volumes of moderate to vigorous physical activity since it was shown to lower the odds of extending severe low back pain over the next year. (4) Johnson Chiropractic knows none of us back pain sufferers wants to hear that, but it’s the finding of a study. More intense exercise was shown beneficial. Understand too that a sedentary lifestyle – work and/or pleasure time – moderately increases the odds of low back pain. (5) There is a middle ground! Let’s at Johnson Chiropractic discover that with you, the spot that prevents back pain and allows you to be as active as you want to be.

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