July 15, 2014

Johnson Chiropractic often hears how difficult it is for Richmond lower back pain patients to make their appointments due to work schedules. That’s understandable! What Johnson Chiropractic intends to establish at visit one is the importance of care to prevent such lower back pain that may keep our Richmond lower back pain patients from ever returning to work! We have to work together, your Richmond chiropractor and you, our Richmond back pain patient. A little time at our Richmond chiropractic clinic may do wonders for your work career!

Seek care at Johnson Chiropractic sooner than later. Why? Consider this recent meta-analysis – a top level research study – of lower back pain patients and their return to work pooled rates that reveals only 15.5% of workers with back pain are absent from work in studies tracking these patients for more than 6 months. Now the pooled estimate for the proportion of lower back pain patients who do return to work after back pain follows:


  • 68.2% at 1 month
  • 85.6% at 1-6 months
  • 93.3% at more than 6 months


The researchers conclude emphatically that the estimated 32% of back pain sufferers not back at work at 1 month are at a crucial point for intervention to prevent long term work absence. (1) That’s where your Richmond back pain specialist at Johnson Chiropractic comes into play!

Returning to work after an episode of low back pain is a process as any Richmond back pain patient knows. It’s complicated. It involves many different factors from the treatment itself to fear avoidance (worry or concern that moving a certain way may hurt the back to a lack of confidence that the back pain will keep you from being able to do what you used to do. These factors are real. Sometimes, Johnson Chiropractic recommends some behavior therapy for patients who struggle with these issues that may prevent returning to work. (2) Johnson Chiropractic is confident that our chiropractic treatment plan helps our back pain patients overcome the pain and worry of back pain so returning to work is possible.

The potentially long-lasting and disabling pain associated with back pain is generally a bigger concern than the immediate pain felt. (3) The goal of Richmond chiropractic back pain care is to achieve pain relief and return you to work as soon as possible. In some cases “control not cure” is the goal if complete relief of chronic pain is not realistic. Johnson Chiropractic seeks to first stop the pain from worsening and gain at least 50% relief of pain as quickly as possible.

So make plans to visit your back pain specialist chiropractor at Johnson Chiropractic. Contain your back pain episode. Find a way to prevent back pain with Richmond chiropractic care. Contact Johnson Chiropractic today for your first appointment.