Richmond Conservative Care Provides Back Pain Reliefand MRI Images Show it

May 23, 2017

Back surgery. Non-surgical care. What’s best for back pain and leg pain?

Now, that is an age-old question for both doctors and back pain and leg pain sufferers. Johnson Chiropractic ponders it from time to time and knows that Richmond back pain and leg pain sufferers find relief with Richmond chiropractic care. Johnson Chiropractic knows the symptoms to be alert to that would indicate necessity for back surgery. Beyond those, Johnson Chiropractic is skilled in the conservative care of back pain and leg pain to produce the pain relief our Richmond chiropractic patients long for.
Relief Possible Without Back Surgery 

Medicine notices that back pain relief is feasible non—surgicall! Johnson Chiropractic is happy to see this latest back pain treatment study. Researchers followed patients with lumbar disc herniations (most at L4-5 and L5-S1). These patients were 38 years old on average, just the age when that really bad back pain episode seems to come on according to spinal researchers. These patients suffered with low back pain and sciatica that went into one or both legs. Many patients had already attempted relief with physiotherapy and other medical treatment to no avail before this trial. (1) That sounds quite familiar for Richmond back pain patients looking for relief at Johnson Chiropractic! We notice that so many of the Richmond back pain patients seeking care at this chiropractic office have attempted many other tactics to alleviate their back pain. All they want is relief now.  Johnson Chiropractic is prepared to give it.

Give Some Time to Treatment and Relief 

These researchers found that conservative medical care (like bed rest and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, gels) granted enough time improved these back pain patients’ pain. They did not have to have back surgery. Their MRI studies even demonstrate improvement as they improved symptomatically and felt relief of their back pain and sciatic leg pain. (1) Notice that the size of the disc herniation on MRI doesn’t influence clinical outcome. Johnson Chiropractic says this continuously! Johnson Chiropractic has written many posts about this very topic: the size of the disc herniation does not matter! Not early back surgery or conservative care for back pain relief showed any significant difference in outcomes. (2)  The average time for patients to recuperate from their back pain symptoms due to lumbar disc herniation was 13.6 months (give or take 5.4 months). (1) Fortunately for our Richmond back pain patients, Johnson Chiropractic seeks at least 50% relief of pain in the first 30 days and finds that 91% of our patients get relief in 3 months. (3) The authors caution their colleagues that such relief is conceivable and should be considered when deciding whether to do back surgery if there are no indications for immediate surgical intervention. (1) Yes! Johnson Chiropractic helps Richmond back pain and leg pain patients when they desire non-surgical care for their pain. Johnson Chiropractic offers evidence-based chiropractic care for back pain relief with Cox Technic.

Schedule your Richmond chiropractic visit today. You’ll find the answer to your question - back surgery or conservative care – and the back pain relief that ensues.