February 03, 2015

“Let there be light!”

Those are some recognizable words! They are as critical today as they were back when they were first uttered. Today light may be a key to dealing with depression and increasing positive outcomes of care for Richmond back pain sufferers seeking help from back pain specialists like Johnson Chiropractic’s.

A significant indicator for outcomes of care – be that medical care or chiropractic care or other type - for low back pain is depression. Depression is an extra layer to peel away when back pain is involved. Chiropractors like your well-trained Richmond chiropractor at Johnson Chiropractic are on the lookout for signs of depression in their patients because it does play a role in how a patient responds to chiropractic care. And your Richmond chiropractor knows well how depression can raise its head: living with pain day in and day out hurts more than just the physical body. The mind must contend with it, too. There is hope and a variety of approaches to dealing with Richmond depression. Light therapy is one that may be just up your alley.

First, how can a chiropractor like yours at Johnson Chiropractic check if depression is an issue in your back pain recovery journey? Check a few simple things like how intense your low back pain is and how much it limits your daily activities. (1) Your Richmond chiropractic physician is up to the task!

Now if depression is noted, how do back pain and depression interact? Well, having back pain for an extended period of time is disruptive to your lifestyle. It keeps you from doing and focusing wholeheartedly on what you want and what you must do. Chronic pain is defined as having pain for over 3 months. When it goes on this long, pain is often in the forefront of the mind and constantly seeks attention. With help nearby in Richmond, back pain patients don’t need to suffer. Johnson Chiropractic offers help via procedures to reduce the cause of back pain which in turn may well help reduce depression. Plus Johnson Chiropractic may share some cutting edge treatments like light therapy that are newly research documented as being effective. It may be an additional therapy that Richmond back pain sufferers may want to consider.

So how much does light therapy seem to help relieve or alleviate the depression? A new study shows that pain intensity and depression scores positively changed the most with light therapy (bright or low dose). (2)  That’s hopeful! Take advantage of the sunny days in Richmond.

What else could be considered a way to deal with depression? A visit to your Richmond chiropractor! On those cloudy, sad days, seeing your Richmond chiropractor for some hands-on care (Our Cox Technic spinal manipulation is soothing and gentle and relieving!), for some nutritional suggestions like Vitamin D supplements, and for some listening just may be the ticket to boost you toward healthier mind and body. Johnson Chiropractic listens and cares about our Richmond back pain patients.

So contact Johnson Chiropractic when your back hurts and you find that depression is keeping you down. Johnson Chiropractic is here to help.