December 06, 2016

Standing. Such a simple motion that most of us don’t even think about when we do it. Do you ever feel pain in your low back when standing? If so, does it make you feel somewhat fearful of what the pain is and why you have it? Does it make you a bit nervous and cause you to magnify the meaning of it? Johnson Chiropractic understands. Johnson Chiropractic can help with the back pain relief and your concern over it so that you can return to your normal activities of daily living.

What’s the first step toward Richmond back pain relief and fear of back pain? It’s all in the numbers! Have you ever had a doctor to rate your pain on a pain scale from 0 to 10 with 0 meaning no pain and 10 the worst pain of your life? Well, this pain on standing we are discussing is pain that is a 20%, or a scale of 2 out of 10. Such pain makes any of us Richmond back pain sufferers feel anxious and questioning of the cause of the pain. (1) Certainly, the pain is not conducive to enjoying your normal activities of daily living.

You are in good company with many fellow Richmond back pain sufferers, and visiting your chiropractor is a very wise next step. Why?

Because most low back pain is mechanical in nature, meaning it is not due to a disease process such as infection, cancer, fracture, or other such disease. These mechanical pains are what chiropractic corrects through spinal manipulation to relieve nerve irritation and regain normal motion in the spine. Such simple “catches” in the spine that are caused by rib sprain and misalignment can be very painful and can gratefully be relieved with chiropractic spinal manipulation. What other conditions cause such mechanical spine pain? Here are some of the common ones – disc degeneration, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis and the list goes on and on.

If you feel pain in your spine when standing, don’t tolerate it. If you fear moving because of back pain, it’s time to get help. Visit your Richmond chiropractor at Johnson Chiropractic. Contact Johnson Chiropractic today.