Coordinated Richmond Chiropractic and GP Care of Back Pain

April 05, 2022

So, you desire relief for your back pain to return and enjoy life like “normal”? Back pain sufferers can relate to that! Johnson Chiropractic is well aware of this, too, and collaborates with our Richmond back pain patients and their other healthcare professionals to get them back to “normal,” enjoying life again.


A recent study described the referral practices of general practitioners to Danish chiropractors. Chiropractic clinics that have more than one chiropractor and with diagnostic ultrasound got more referrals. 31% of the new patients - 2.5 referrals per week - in chiropractic practices came via a referral from a general practitioner. Chiropractors who sent more patients to general practitioners also were referred more patients. Those who shared that they had expertise in geriatric care and had more new patients per week received more referrals, too. (1) These findings emphasize the significance of interprofessional interaction which your Richmond chiropractor embraces! Johnson Chiropractic collaborates with local Richmond healthcare colleagues in all ways to benefit our shared back and neck pain patients in finding relief and regaining their quality of life.


Quality of life is often a reflection of how well we feel, especially as we get older. A report of Medicare recipients who received spinal manipulation (SMT) and/or were prescribed drug therapy (PDT) for their chronic low back pain was quite revealing. Those who got spinal manipulation were more likely to be very satisfied with their care: 84% for SMT vs 50% for PDT. Those who got spinal manipulation documented their health-related quality of life scores significantly higher than those with prescription drug therapy: 12.85 for SMT vs 9.92 for PDT. Regarding the level of concern over the care they were receiving, SMT patients receiving chiropractic care reported a lower degree of concern than the PDT patient getting prescription therapy. (2) Our goal at Johnson Chiropractic is to decrease our Richmond back pain patients’ concern over their pain condition and its care by performing a thorough examination, describing well what the condition is along with its expected care outcomes, and performing gentle, relieving care for back pain, neck pain, and other spine-related pain relief.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Coleman Cormier on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he illustrates The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management for relief of a painful disc herniation after a car accident which often involves several providers.

Schedule your Richmond chiropractic appointment today. Back pain relief is a result of a well-coordinated team effort among us all – pain patient, chiropractic healthcare professional, and other healthcare professionals. We’re ready. Are you?

Johnson Chiropractic coordinates care of chronic low back pain with any local healthcare providers to help our patients!