June 30, 2013

FACT: 20% of people never get back pain.

Don’t you wish you were one of them?! Johnson Chiropractic wishes you could be, too. But we are the Richmond back pain specialist practice to help relieve the 80%. Johnson Chiropractic does help relieve back pain for our back pain patients!

Back to the 20%...who talks about them? Researchers usually focus on the 80% who do get back pain, but a group of researchers in Switzerland decided to study the 20% who don’t. What prevents them from dealing with back pain? What qualities keep them back pain free?

back pain free percent image

The participants in the study were low back pain resilient workers between the ages of 50 and 65 years. They, along with back pain sufferers of the same age, filled out questionnaires. It was found that the 20% have (1):

  • better health,
  • more positive health behaviors, and
  • better ability to do routine activities. 

Sounds simple, eh?!

Well, Johnson Chiropractic sees many of the 80% of Richmond back pain patients in our Richmond chiropractic practice. We have a formula to follow, a treatment plan, to get you through the back pain episode and be more like the 20% who don’t have back pain. We can help you find confidence in doing what you want to do in ways that won’t aggravate your back and support your back instead, so it won’t give out on you. We’ll encourage you to think healthy by exercising (just a little to start!) and paying more attention to your diet and nutrition and making it to your Richmond chiropractic appointments as necessary. We hope that you enjoy your work and can find reward in that to complete the picture.

So, be like the 20% who don’t have back pain.

  1. Think healthy.
  2. Be healthy.
  3. Enjoy the work you do.

But if - or when - back pain plagues you, contact Johnson Chiropractic for relief. Don’t feel badly that you are one of the 80%. You’re in good company!